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How To Order

You want to purchase a copy of my book, the Full Facts Book of Cold Reading, using your credit card.

The book costs £25.

If you live in the UK, the postage will be £2.28, making a total of £27.28 .

If you live somewhere else in Europe, the postage will be £3.24, making a total of £28.24 .

If you live in the United States or anywhere else in the world that is outside of Europe, the postage will be £5, making a total of £30. The actual postage is more than this, but I am rounding it down and charging you a little less.

Choose your option from the drop down menu and then click 'Buy Now'. This will take you to the Google payment service.

Thank you for buying this book.

- > Something You Ought To Know

Here's something you ought to know...

You may not need to know this now. But you will want to refer back to it some time in the next four months, so bookmark this page or make a note of it.

You will soon be reading my book. Most people seem to enjoy it. So, having enjoyed my book, enjoy the fact that I can come and do a terrific show for you, or give a lecture/talk to your company, business group or professional association.

This is what I do when I'm not writing books.

My shows are fun, thought-provoking excursions into what the mind can, and cannot do. Mind-reading, predicting the future, controlling the thoughts of the entire audience... it's fast, fun, intelligent entertainment for smart audiences. Ask around - you'll find I'm regarded as one of the best in the business. Perfect for after-dinner cabaret, special events and big occasions. I have performed all over the world as well as on numerous TV shows, and I have golden testimonials I'll be happy to wave in your face. Fees start from £750 per engagement (private events) and from £1600 for corporates. Or it's free if these conditions apply.

My talks and lectures are based on two themes. (1) You are a genius, you just don't know it yet. In other words, I can show you that your mind can do more than you realise (and you'll be truly amazed). What a confidence booster! (2) Just about nothing is impossible if you use your mind. It's true! So often 'it can't be done' just means 'we haven't found a way to do it yet'. Get beyond negative thinking, discover how to use your mind to achieve goals, make things happen and remember where you put your keys. Oh, and at the same time, I will do things that are utterly impossible and you can't figure out. Just because I can. Fees range from £950 per engagement. Or it's free if these conditions apply

Enquiries? Attempts to negotiate my fee down? Just click here.

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