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Ian Rowland (known as The Mind Man) helps people and companies to be more successful.

He does this by teaching amazing, transformative mind skills that deliver practical benefits, in life and in business.

You have never seen anything like the talks and training delivered by The Mind Man. He offers unique, original material in a very distinctive style.

(This website is plain and simple, because that's all it needs to be.)

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Ian Rowland/The Mind Man offers talks and training sessions on these main subjects.

Don't Block Your Mind, Unlock Your Mind!

The Mind Man's most popular presentation! In just one amazing, mind-opening hour, the Mind Man will demonstrate that most limitations only exist in your mind. If you're serious about personal or professional success, this hour will change your outlook and your life. There are many 'motivational' talks, but this is the best! Surprising, magical, fun... with live demonstrations you will never forget!

Creative Problem Solving

How to get from "It can't be done" to "We did it!" You will learn six new creative 'thinking tools' that help you to solve problems - even seemingly impossible ones.

Executive Presence And Charisma

You can learn to be a leader. "Yesterday was by far the best l'm starting to see the power of the tools you have taught me." - M. Patel, Tesla Corporation.

Persuasion Mastery

This presentation is based on a new model of persuasion that will transform your persuasive success. It's highly effective yet simple to learn and to use. It is primarily intended for business-to-business selling, but can be applied to just about any situation where you'd like to be more persuasive. It is unlike any other model or system, and is not available in books or online.

Memory Training

You can enjoy perfect, faultless recall of anything you want to remember. The Mind Man will show you how, in about three hours.

Sessions, talks

Typical sessions last 1 - 3 hours. Shorter talks (30-40 minutes) available for pre-lunch or after-dinner slots.


Keynotes, event hosting and 'mind magic' entertainment

The Difference

When you're booking a speaker or trainer, you want someone "a bit different". Every Mind Man session has these distinctive features:

  • No PowerPoint or slides (so you can hold the session anywhere).
  • A clear focus on practical business benefits (often with case studies supporting each point).
  • Clear, structured content made easy to remember.
  • Active learning and participation throughout + takeaway literature.
  • Laughter (nobody learns anything if they're bored).
  • Intriguing touches of 'mind magic' to keep things interesting! (The Mind Man is a member of the Inner Magic Circle).

Ian Rowland/The Mind Man has over twenty years experience in management, gained mostly in creative media and marketing, and IT. He is the former UK Sales & Marketing Manager for a global internet services company, with a sales target of £1.5 million per annum.

He is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle, and an expert on cold reading and related persuasion psychology.

He has worked all over the world: US, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Japan and more.

He is the author of several books on applied communication and psychology: 'The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading', 'How To Work For Yourself And Win', 'No Worries' (with Gary Turner), 'The POWA Principle' (with James Brown), 'The Prove-It Guy' (with Liam O'Neill).

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The Mind Man's clients to date include:

The FBI, British Olympics Team, Coca-Cola, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Marks & Spencer, Ministry of Defence, The Prince's Charities, The Crown Estate, Iceland, Pedigree Petfoods, Unilever, CapGemini, London Business School, Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, BBC Television and many more...



You may also like The Cold Reading Connection. This is Ian Rowland's commercial site where he sells "The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading", his definitive work on the subject, and a series of related publications (many of which are free). Cold reading is an amazing communication skill that is usually associated with the 'psychic' industry. However, it has many applications in business and everyday life.

Ian Rowland is a freelance writer offering over 35 years professional experience. He has completed a vast range of both technical and creative writing projects for countless companies and individuals. He has also helped several people to write a book and bring it to market, guiding them through every step of the process. If you're interested in hiring Ian as a writer, or if you'd like him to help you write and publish your book, get in touch!

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